School Resources

Prepare to go Back to School with Food Allergies

For parents and students managing food allergies, the back-to-school season means taking important extra steps to prepare for a safe, successful year.


Tips for the School Year:

  1. Work with your doctor: Refill prescriptions and have your physician fill out FARE’s Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan.
  2. Review relevant laws and guidelines: Having a basic understanding of the laws that protect children with food allergies can be very helpful in negotiating a plan for your child.
  3. Develop a written plan: Make an appointment with your child’s teachers, principals, instructors, and school nurses to discuss accommodations needed for your child’s safety and inclusion, and to review your child’s emergency care plan.
  4. Prepare your child: Work with your child so that he or she understands where to go with questions or if help is needed.

The FARE website has a range of resources to help you—and your school—get ready. You’ll find links to free downloads, posters, guidelines, webinars, tips and more!

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Together, we can help our schools keep children with food allergies safe and included. Here’s wishing every child a great first day of school and a happy and safe school year!

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