Sneak Peek at Allergic Living’s Fall Magazine

One of the benefits of becoming a FARE member is the discount you receive on the popular Allergic Living magazine. With the deadline for Allergic Living’s Fall 2016 edition quickly approaching – the subscription list closes August 9 – editor Gwen Smith writes a guest blog post to offer FARE followers a sneak peek into the upcoming edition.


At Allergic Living, we hear all manner of restaurant experiences from those dining out with food allergies: the very good, the close-but-not-quite there, and the dangerously bad. In the Fall Allergic Living magazine our writer investigates what’s really going on inside America’s restaurant kitchens in terms of allergy and celiac readiness.

She puts the questions of allergy knowledge and education on the front burner: exploring how much training chefs, managers, servers and other staff are getting, why misperceptions abound, the critical importance of kitchen systems, and how cross-contact can sneakily occur. Readers will get insights from everyone from Chef Mario Batali to top food allergy trainer Betsy Craig, to the originator of Disney’s lauded accommodations, to servers, a famous food critic – and the next generation of chefs at the Culinary Institute of America. If you, like most allergic diners, wonder what’s going on in the kitchen with your or your child’s meal, then do not miss this investigation.

Rounding out our restaurant package, FARE’s own Scott Riccio, Senior Vice President of Education and Advocacy, adds an insightful column. He writes of the widening gap between the fast-rising numbers of allergic diners and the restaurants that are truly allergy-aware. While attitudes are changing for the better, Riccio still finds an urgent need for greater empathy for food-allergic guests. As he notes, “meeting us halfway – with education, awareness and respect – changes the entire restaurant experience.”

Other Fall ’16 Allergic Living Highlights

  • New Kids at School: Education expert Gina Mennett Lee offers exceptional advice for allergic teens, smoothing transitions to middle or high school.
  • College Life Hacks: Products Editor Caroline Moassessi compiles a list of 14 “aha” solutions to ease campus life for students with allergies, asthma or celiac disease.
  • Apple’s Allure: Chefs Joel and Mary Schaefer create delicious Top 8-free, apple-themed recipes: from apple-tinged squash soup, to outstanding pie, muffins and more. As well: Mary’s extraordinary pear dessert crepes.
  • Healthy Home: Our editors’ top flooring picks for those with indoor allergies.
  • Stylish ID Safety: A helpful roundup of novel medical ID gear.
  • Ask the Allergy Experts: Featuring Dr. Scott Sicherer, Dr. Hemant Sharma, and Dr. Clifford Bassett.
  • 10 Things Never to Say: Gina Clowes, parenting coach (and FARE National Director, Training and Community Outreach), has advice to share with friends who are not managing allergies.
  • Reducing the Recalls: FDA’s new shipping rule holds promise of less risk. Plus, much more allergy and asthma news.

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Subscribe online to Allergic Living magazine by Tuesday, August 9 to get this magazine as part of a new subscription. Reminder to FARE members: As a benefit of membership, you get a special price: $10 off a 2-year subscription or $5 off a 1-year subscription.

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