Illinois Expands Access to Stock Epinephrine

On August 5, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a bill that makes several significant improvements to the availability of epinephrine across Illinois.

Public Act 99-0711, the Epinephrine Auto-Injector Act, allows a healthcare practitioner to prescribe epinephrine auto-injectors (EAIs) in the name of an authorized entity where allergens capable of causing anaphylaxis may be present, so long as employees of that entity are appropriately trained. A trained employee may either provide or administer an EAI to a person believed to be experiencing anaphylaxis without concerns of civil liability.

The law also expands the availability of EAIs at schools – which has been allowed in Illinois since 2011 – to include before- and after-school care as well as transit on a school bus.  Further, if a school or school district chooses to obtain EAIs, then it must annually report that information to the State Board of Education.

Lastly, the act creates the Annie LeGere Law, which allows police officers to carry EAIs. The law is named in memory of a 13-year-old Illinois girl who passed away last August due to an allergic reaction to an unknown substance; a police officer who responded to the emergency did not have epinephrine.

FARE has worked for months with the bill sponsors and a broad coalition of supporters across the state, including parents of children with food allergies, adults with food allergies, and physicians from FARE Clinical Network centers of excellence in Illinois. Hundreds of Illinois residents sent letters of support through FARE’s Action Center.

FARE held an awareness day on May 12 in Springfield at which a group of advocates met personally with dozens of legislators and were present to see the bill pass the Illinois Senate. FARE would like to express its deepest appreciation to everyone who called, wrote, and expressed their support!

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